Our Story

As a young man, Mr Hashmukh Patel arrived to Mumbai, from a tiny village from Gujarat, with nothing but dreams of success in his eyes.

He started working as a diamond broker. But he had dreamt of bigger things. After earning the enough amounts he took a leap and started the manufacturing of diamonds. He was commendable at what he did. Under his vision & leadership hundreds of specialists have worked & still continue to. Continuing his journey he went on to manufacture diamond jewellery & our esteemed Solitaire Style has now had the spectacular presence of Mr Arvind Patel making it better every day. His presence has given us additional depth, imagination & energy pushing us to better ourselves every day. His 15 year work experience makes him one of the best jewellery designers in our esteemed company. He is a great asset to our thriving & ever-growing business. He faced hardships, failures & a lot of setbacks but his never give up attitude & passion for hard work is what brought him success.

About Us

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to make exquisite jewellery accessible to you easily. Jewellery that is hand crafted and especially made to suit your beauty needs, which make you, feel loved.
  • A lot of companies use the same amount of gold and same quality diamonds but making the best designs to suit your needs is done at Solitaire Style.
  • The added benefit is the price; our prices are affordable and much less compared to other companies.
  • Your satisfaction is our mission.
  • Intricate jewellery at affordable prices, at your door step.

Our Vision

  • We work with a vision to provide with, the best designs & price, to all of our customers. When compared to other market prices, a drastic reduction of 30% is offered by us.
  • Since the production is in-house, excellent cut is tendered to the diamonds making them appealing.
  • Our passion for beauty, perfection & commitment to consistently reach new heights in haute couture designs & Commendable service, makes us one of the best inspired jewellery brand in India.